Le Parc des Crêts: An example of Sustainable Real Estate Development

Sustainability in real estate is much talked about but its realization is often vague.

So to understand how sustainability contributes to the well-being of the resident and the value of a property, here are some concrete examples.

At the Parc des Crêts, motorized traffic is only in the basement, which frees up surface space for a gigantic park that occupies 79% of the 8.7 hectares of land.

This park has been a fantastic playground for our design teams: studies of heat islands to bring coolness in hot periods, choice of species adapted to global warming and non-allergenic, integration of spaces for walks, games, exercise, meetings or even common activities through collective vegetable gardens and orchards, and implementation of premises dedicated to residents for events, courses, workshops, etc.

User-friendliness is one of the project’s strong points, as is the environment: biodiversity has been taken care of with a targeted label, the THPE standard allows consumption savings, and renewable energies cover all heating needs.

Living well in an environment that takes care of us and is cared for is a winning proposition for residents, investors and the environment.

It’s the right time! The Parc des Crêts, the largest real estate project in zone Villas of the canton of Geneva is in full commercialization.

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