New Project Management Professional Certification

21 January 2020/by Capvest

The Gastronomic Hall of QG Sainte-Foy

14 January 2020/by Capvest

The Capvest Group is Happy to Support the Arcam Association

8 January 2020/by Capvest

Happy New Year 2020!

1 January 2020/by Capvest

Merry Christmas from all the Capvest Team

25 December 2019/by Capvest

The Construction of QG Sainte-Foy in Winter

16 December 2019/by Capvest

The QG Sainte-Foy is Coming out of the Ground at an Impressive Speed

26 November 2019/by Capvest

Kids take on Capvest!

20 November 2019/by Capvest

Collaborative Housing… a Real Underlying Trend?

13 November 2019/by Capvest

Vale Pereiro Wins a Prize at the European Property Awards 2019!

6 November 2019/by Capvest

New Step for Les Fleurs d’Ehden in Renens

30 October 2019/by Capvest

A Building, a Piece of Art

23 October 2019/by Capvest

Capvest Interior Design Stands Out by its Creative Approach

15 October 2019/by Capvest

Cansearch Raises a Million Francs During its Charity Evening

8 October 2019/by Capvest

Capvest Becomes a Specialized eco-bau Partner

1 October 2019/by Capvest

The Facade of the Actor Tasso Project Entirely Revealed

25 September 2019/by Capvest

Launch of the Commercialization of the “Au Mont d’Ehden” Project

4 September 2019/by Capvest

Pre-commercialization of the « Au Mont d’Ehden » project

21 August 2019/by Capvest

QG Sainte-Foy – The Project Arises

12 August 2019/by Capvest

Building permit approved for the project Au Mont d’Ehden

6 August 2019/by Capvest

Capvest Wishes you a Happy National Day 2019!

1 August 2019/by Capvest