Collaborative Housing… a Real Underlying Trend?

In large cities, growing urbanization and the cost of housing are pushing real estate players to reinvent the way we share space and therefore to propose new types of housing.

We get to be lodged by being more numerous in smaller areas: share a large living room, laundry room, kitchen, storage space… design versatile spaces (beds in a bedroom that slide to become a sofa in the living room or retractable doors that modulate the available surfaces according to needs…).

It is certain that this type of housing meets a real craze in the latest generation of student residences with common spaces of the para-hotel type.

Now large groups like Ikea and WeLive are offering a different way of life, not only for young students but also by specifically targeting young families with, for example, 84m2 apartments for two families with two separate entrances.

Inventing tomorrow’s lifestyles with ever-increasing surface constraints…… the field of possibilities is open to creative minds!